Typically your expenses include: mortgage payoff, attorneys fees, property taxes, revenue or tax stamps and any agreed upon seller-paid concessions such as closing costs or a home warranty.

Many of our competitors choose to compete with us by telling potential customers that "you get what you pay for". The insinuation is that by listing with Clarity Realty and only paying 1% commission (as opposed to 3%), you will be sacrificing some services. As noted with only two exceptions, we provide full-service. At Clarity Realty, we prefer that you pose the following question to them: "What do I get for the additional 2%?" It's your choice how much you want to pay.

The average Listing Agent only earns half of the gross commission earned. Their broker usually takes the other half. Unfortunately, they typically spend part of their commission on ineffective marketing techniques such as online listing services, newspaper advertisements and open houses. By the time they subtract their expenses, they net 1% commission.The bottom line is listing your home with a realtor is like going fishing. We all fish in the same pond - the Multiple Listing Service. Regardless of the commission rate being charged, your Listing Agent's primary responsibility is to exposure your home to the market of potential buyers and buyers' agents. The only question you need to answer is how much do you want to pay for that exposure - 1% or 3%?

Commission Structure

Besides The Sales Commission, What Other Expenses Should I Expect When I Sell My Home?

Why Charge Less?

Clarity Realty's commission structure is different from most real estate companies as we charge 1% Listing Commission to sell your home (minimum commission $1,500). We also offer flat-fee services.

What that means to you is, instead of paying a typical rate of 6% to list and sell your home, with Clarity Realty, you will only pay 4% total commission or less.

We have saved our clients over half a million dollars in commissions since our inception. 

Do You Get What You Pay For?

Our Services

Our Listing Partner Program includes all the services you will receive from full-commission brokers such as: properly pricing your home, listing your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a yard sign, a lockbox, helping you prepare your home for sale, providing feedback on each property showing, negotiating the sales contract and handling post-contract / pre-closing activities.

The only two notable exceptions are open houses and print advertising; neither of which Clarity Realty offers.